Groundbreaking Care for

Moderate to Severe Eczema

Why simply manage symptoms when we can address the cause? Learn how our drug candidate may finally address the root cause of eczema.

About Us

Advancing the fight against disease.

Turn Therapeutics was born to invent better ways to treat disease with responsibility, safety, and efficacy. Our company is also committed to solutions that minimize antibiotic resistance and maximize cooperation with the microbiome.

Our novel solution to eczema.

One-of-a-kind technology.

Our patented drug delivery technology, called PermaFusion, will fuel our drug candidate toward being the only topical treatment to address eczema at its root cause.

Less chance of side effects.

We can lower the concentration of active ingredients without impacting bioavailability to minimize toxicity, irritation, and sensitization of the skin.

Non-invasive. Non-steroid.

Achieve industry-leading safety with industry-minimum invasiveness.

A look into our technology.

PermaFusion® revolutionizes topical delivery through our patented mixing process which permanently fuses liquid with oil, allowing us to reduce active ingredients in our drugs without compromising performance. Less active ingredient means less potential for side effects.

Tested and Proven

Trusted by leading medical experts.

Our formula has been cleared by the FDA for multiple indications ranging from diabetic ulcers to burns to dermatitis, thus substantiating its versatility and safety.

Our data demonstrates the efficacy of our technology against a broad range of skin disorders while minimizing insult to delicate human tissue.

Used by key opinion leading medical professionals across the US, our technology is trusted to be safe and effective.

Investigator-initiated and sponsored studies of our formula have shown incredible efficacy against a variety of skin and wound conditions.

Drug Pipeline

Eczema is just the beginning.

Medical experts have led us to explore additional indications for our formula. As such, we have a broad spectrum of drugs and medical devices leveraging our platform technology. Browse the diseases and conditions we aim to eradicate.


(Nail Fungus)

We penetrate the nail bed when others can’t.

“…we found the clinical efficacy varied from close to 70% with once-a-day application to over 85% efficacy with BID application.”

Dr. Daniel Davis, DPM

Opportunities for limitless growth.

Turn Therapeutics, with its foundation in safety, data, and results, is primed to advance innovative drug therapies across a continuum of needs. Our platform technology and flagship formula has already transformed advanced wound care, and we are only getting started.