About Us

Why We Started

Our story began with a search for a cure.

Innovation borne from necessity.

Our groundbreaking technology and flagship formula are the result of Founder Bradley Burnam’s personal battle with an aggressive antimicrobial resistant infection that required over a dozen reconstructive surgeries and five years of slow, painful healing.

During this process, Bradley realized innovation had stalled in infection control and wound care. Desperate to stop his recurrent infections, Bradley ultimately invented his own cure: a platform technology that became a product, and a product than became a revolution.

Where We Are Going

Revolutionizing skin and wound care.

Turn Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical and medical device company focused on advanced wound and dermatologic care. We use our technology to target broad indications with few safe or effective options, such as moderate to severe eczema and onychomycosis. Leveraging the guidance and data produced by medical experts, our innovative flagship formula continues to suggest remarkable efficacy for a variety of indications.

A technology offering endless possibilities.

How We Will Get There

Turning a page in big pharma.

Redefining the standards of care.

Turn Therapeutics stands as a beacon of hope in healthcare, propelled by a steadfast commitment to redefining treatment norms. With three FDA medical device clearances for the Hexagen formula in advanced wound and dermatitis management, we offer more than mere products; we offer a transformative ethos rooted in compassion, patient education, safety, and effectiveness.

Led by compassionate, challenge-seekers.

Meet the team.

Bradley Burnam

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dr. Neil Ghodadra, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Eric Luo, Ph.D.

Regulatory Affairs

Conoon Kim

IT & Infrastructure

Meet the lead advisors.

Andrew Gengos

Board Member/Advisor

Arthur Golden

Board Observer/Advisor

Michael Brock

Business Development Advisor/Consultant

Dr. Jeffrey Galpin, M.D.

Scientific Board Member/Advisor