About Us

Innovation borne from desperation.

Core mission.

Turn Therapeutics® is a concept to approval pharmaceutical and medical device organization dedicated to reducing the human and economic costs of infection and skin disease. Turn Therapeutics® was founded with a goal of reducing antibiotic resistance through best in class acute and chronic wound care products. Through research and development, we have continued to uncover additional disease areas that our technology will serve. Our core mission is to leverage our expertise in drug delivery to create disruptive products for high need indications.

Our story.

Our groundbreaking PermaFusion® platform is the result of Founder and CEO Bradley Burnam years long battle with an antimicrobial resistant infection he acquired working in a hospital. His infection would require over a dozen reconstructive surgeries and almost five years of slow, painful healing with no end in sight. During this process, Bradley realized the topical antibiotics he was prescribed were causing more harm than good, and he was desperate to find an alternative. This desperation led Bradley to ultimately invent his own cure and the platform technology that underpins Turn Therapeutics.

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How does true innovation happen? By defying conventional wisdom. By setting off in an unexpected direction. By having the courage to imagine something better. At Turn Therapeutics®, we consider it our mission to challenge the inertia of standardized medicine and embark on an enterprise of discovery.

We’ve only just begun. Our groundbreaking PermaFusion® delivery platform is the result of a years’ long battle with a severe infection that Founder and CEO, Bradley Burnam, acquired while making hospital rounds as a medical device salesperson. The infection required over a dozen reconstructive surgeries and months of slow, painful healing. The topical antibiotics Bradley was prescribed were simply not helping him heal. It was this infection that drove Bradley to imagine a better medicine. The result was PermaFusion® and our first FDA Cleared product offering, Hexagen® Antimicrobial Wound Dressing. But that was just the beginning. PermaFusion® is applicable across a wide variety of additional therapeutic needs.

Our founder.

Bradley Burnam


Bradley Burnam, Founder and CEO, is responsible for the development of PermaFusion® and Turn’s product offerings. Prior to founding Turn, Mr. Burnam served 10+ years in the medical device sales industry at such companies as Boston Scientific and St. Jude Medical/Abbott. He is a regular visiting scholar and guest lecturer at UCLA. Mr. Burnam holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a master’s degree from Stanford University.

Our values.


We only pursue therapies that positively impact public health and quality of life.


We consider it our duty to challenge the inertia of standard medicine.


We must change habits, not simply tools. Routine is the enemy of progress.


Our work—aimed at discovering cures—is a constant evolution and a challenge to the status quo. If modern medicine is the book, we will be the next breakthrough chapter.

– Bradley Burnam, CEO

Turn Therapeutics Reaches Licensing and Distribution Agreement with MIMEDX