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Investing in Turn Therapeutics

Over $440,000 raised to date!

We have launched a Reg CF public offering through StartEngine until August 20, 2024 in an effort to expand ownership opportunities to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

With $13M+ in total funding, Turn Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical and medical device company developing novel therapies for advanced skin and wound care.

Why Turn Therapeutics?

Reasons to Invest

Join a booming industry.

  • Our lead drug candidates target eczema & onychomycosis, a combined $15B+ market.
  • So far in 2024, M&A deals in eczema alone have totaled $2B+ and continues to grow rapidly.
  • Market reports 15% growth YoY, $30B+ by 2030.

Get pre-IPO access.

  • Non-accredited investors have the opportunity to join a pre-IPO pharmaceutical company, normally unattainable.  
  • Turn Therapeutics has extensive human data whereas traditional early-stage pharma companies have no human data and low probability of success.

Trust proven therapies.

  • FDA cleared formula used by 200,000+ patients.
  • Zero adverse events reported by FDA.  
  • Formula works consistently and safely on a variety of skin conditions.
  • Trusted by key opinion leading medical professionals. 

Own patented technology.

  • 8 U.S. patents + additional international patents. 
  • Proprietary technology achieves safety and efficacy without compromise. 

Strategic Investment

Plans to Prosper

More avenues to success.

Turn Therapeutics’ existing assets include three medical devices with FDA clearance, a licensing deal worth up to $70M+ with MiMedx, and an active process toward an additional commercial partnership for Xeal Antimicrobial. With $13M+ in total funding to date, the company is well positioned to achieve success in any number of ways. 

A proven model for growth.

Turn Therapeutics will continue to lean on its minimal overhead and outsourcing expertise to maximize ROI. The short-term focus will be to run parallel clinical trials for eczema and onychomycosis with an expectation of actionable results within ~2 years. Afterwards, we look to comparable M&A transactions in the dermatology market to further expand our commercial partner network.

Top Pharma Expertise

This is a story about unconventional resilience.  

CEO Bradley Burnam is no stranger to finding novel ways to get things done. From inventing his own cure to self-funding his own FDA clearances, Bradley has overcome adversity at every stage. Investing in Turn Therapeutics means investing in relentless persistence.  

Industry leaders who have done this before.

Overseen by shareholders, board members, and pharma industry executives that have steered hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions. Our offering represents a unique opportunity, but our path to success is familiar to the people backing our venture. 

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You will own shares of Turn Therapeutics and grow with the company. This public offering is only available until August 20, 2024 and is managed by StartEngine, a leading investment platform for startups and unique companies.