Delivery Technology

The PermaFusion™ Difference

PermaFusion™ is a a revolution in topical delivery that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes risk. PermaFusion™ is a first of its kind, petrolatum-based, liquid-in-oil suspension technology that quite literally fuses water and oil. Active ingredients are delivered with maximum effectiveness, but our revolutionary technology permits the use of less ingredients, which minimizes or eliminates toxicity, irritation, and sensitization in clinical testing. Data from historical products, as well as in-vivo and in-vitro data, show the potential of Permafusion™ to deliver a new era of topical therapy.

Liquid nanodroplets suspended in petrolatum base without added emulsifiers
Occlusive petrolatum carrier serves to enhance active ingredient delivery.
Active ingredients suspended in liquid nanodroplets for maximum bioavailability
Low active ingredient load minimizes side effects while maximizing benefits.

Advanced Delivery Technology Penetrates Keratin

Once in contact with the skin or nail surface, nanodroplets penetrate deep into the keratin.