Turn Therapeutics® announces completion of human trial for GX-03 intranasal drug candidate for the treatment of mild/moderate COVID-19

While systemic interventions exist for the treatment of moderate/severe COVID-19, few options exist for early intervention in an effort to prevent disease progression and subsequent hospitalization.

Our intranasal antiviral candidate has shown a dramatic reduction in time to 60% viral load reduction over placebo, thus achieving its primary endpoint and warranting further research as a potential early intervention to reduce disease severity of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. GX-03 has a multi-year history of safety and efficacy in advanced wound and dermatologic management.


In laboratory testing, GX-03 showed a dramatic ability to eliminate [over 98% of Human Coronavirus within just 2 hours]. Notably, over 80% of this elimination took place in the first 10 minutes.

Proposed Mechanism of Action

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