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Management Team

Bradley Burnam

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dr. Neil Ghodadra, MD

Chief Medical Officer

David Swoish


Eric Luo, Ph.D.

Regulatory Affairs

Conoon Kim

Digital Technology

Scientific Advisors


Dr. Galpin


Dr. Bresnick


Dr. Davis


Dr. Who

Medical Advisor

Bradley Burnam
Founder and CEO

Bradley Burnam, Founder and CEO, is responsible for the development of Turn’s multiple FDA approved products serving chronic wound care and dermatology. In an attempt to treat his own hospital acquired skin infection, he developed PermaFusion™, a revolutionary patented delivery system based upon a first-of-its-kind fusion of liquid in oil. PermaFusion™ enabled Mr. Burnam to create Turn’s first product, Hexagen™ Wound Dressing which is the basis of a number of other products Turn has developed.

He is a self-taught regulatory and formulation expert. After singlehandedly facilitating Turn’s first three FDA clearances, he brought on a team of physicians and executives to help build the Company to its current status. He is a regular visiting professor in the Sociology Department at UCLA and keynote speaker at the 2019 commencement. In addition to his UCLA undergraduate BA degree in Sociology, he holds a Master’s degree from Stanford University.

Dr. Neil Ghodadra
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Neil Ghodadra, a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, has been with Turn since Q3 2017. Dr. Ghodadra is recognized for his surgical skill, teaching and innovation in orthopedic research. He is a graduate of Duke University Magna Cum Laude with a BS degree in Biology and graduated from Duke Medical School with Honors. He completed his residency at Rush Medical Center in Chicago in sports medicine, with emphasis on cartilage restoration and joint preserving surgical techniques of the knee and shoulder.

David Swoish
Director of Finance

David Swoish is a senior finance executive with more than 30 years of CFO and controller level experience working with high-growth public and private manufacturing organizations. His experience spans multiple industry segments and includes over seven years in medical device contract manufacturing. Prior to joining Turn, he was a partner at a fractional CFO advisory firm providing M&A, funding, and strategic plan consulting. Mr. Swoish holds a BA degree from Walsh College.

Eric Luo
Director of Regulatory Affairs

Eric Luo is a formulation expert for transdermal drug delivery systems, studying the properties of polymers and drug delivery and modifying materials and processing conditions for product improvements. He was previously a Senior Scientist and formulation expert for Schering-Plough and Novartis. Dr. Luo holds a Ph.D. from University of Florida in Materials Science and Engineering, and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Nebraska.

Conoon Kim
Director of Digital, IT & Infrastructure

Conoon Kim is a technology expert with over a decade of experience in IT, digital marketing, product/project management, and platform development. He has been with Turn since its inception and is responsible for managing its digital communications, branding, packaging design, website development, social media management, video production, and digital stratgy.

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